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I have not received the specific techniques of TuiNa and Cupping before, and I found them to be tremendously helpful with a sore shoulder that has been bothering me for years.  During the cupping session, I could literally feel the knots and inflammation in my shoulder releasing.  The TuiNa was also very effective in loosening up very sore and stiff areas in my legs, which have been a chronic problem due to my distance running and training.  While I was fearful that Sherry would use a "No Pain, No Gain" approach to loosen up those areas, that was not the case in the least.
I highly recommend visiting Sherry at JADE if you've had some form chronic aches and pains.  Her approach is friendly, caring, educational, and--most importantly--effective!
~Nic Giebler
My massage with Sherry was wonderful.  It was invigorating and really boosted my energy level.  Her technique's are in-tune with the body, and help to complete our holistic lifestyle.  I can't wait go back to try more of Sherry's many techniques.
~Ellora Giebler

My name is Suzette, I am 46 years old and an avid runner. I've been active and an athlete my whole life but have only been running for about 12 years. A few years after I started running when my mileage got higher, I began to have hip and knee pain. It was due to a crooked pelvis with very stretched out ligaments and muscles from labor and delivery. (I have four kids) I tried a lot of different things to help it... new shoes, yoga, strengthening exercises, a lot of ibuprofen. These things worked somewhat but it was always like Russian roulette whether or not I'd have pain after a long run. And I really didn't like taking all that ibuprofen. One year the pain even sidelined me and I barely ran.  

 Next came Sherry Joseph!!!! I first went to Sherry in the spring of 2014 hoping therapeutic massage was the answer. Well, in just one visit, I felt a difference. Really! I'm not kidding, one visit! That's probably rare but in my case it made such a huge difference. The pain lessened considerably. I was able to run just about pain free.

 I've been treated more than once however, and each time I leave her feeling refreshed and like a new woman. And very bendy!!!

 ~Suzette Schermacher


My daughter was having a hard time with our divorce.  She had a lot of anger anxiety and many worries that a 9-year old should not have. JADE Healing Massage was recommended by a good family friend that had used the services and had great results within hours of having a massage.  So far, we have done two massages and the results are amazing.  We still have little worries, but nothing near what they were two months ago.  She has let the anger go and is a more pleasant girl.  She rarely told anyone she loved them, did not smile much, was a bit ungrateful for things, and withdrawn.  The biggest things that are comforting to me are that with help from the massages and the use of (ear) seeds on pressure points, she has become a different little girl.  First to say "I love you", give you a hug and even saying thank you for things.  Her worries and anxieties have become very minimal.  She is relaxed and at ease.  I am truly amazed at how this experience has turned out.  We will continue using JADE Healing.  It has turned our world around!

Sincerely grateful,



The words healing and therapeutic in Jade Healing Eastern Therapeutics is what distinguishes Sherry Joseph's massages from other massages I've had in the past.  While I've had some wonderful massages, I experienced healing and therapeutic benefits after the first visit.  That first therapeutic massage led to continuing treatments and I'm extremely thankful to have found her.

For many years I suffered from endometriosis and adhesions in my abdomen area.  Some of these medical issues have resulted in a sluggish metabolism and digestive system.  No one has ever provided a treatment that provided the results that Sherry's massages have provided.  Leaving one of her massages not only left me with a sense of a great massage, but I left feeling that it was therapeutic.  Each massage is catered to a person's individual needs.  One of her massages addressed my physical tiredness.

Sherry is truly committed to the well-being of her clients.  Due to a scheduling conflict on my part, Sherry contacted me to fit me into her busy schedule, because she wanted me to enjoy the the therapeutic benefits within a timely manner.

Years ago, I had seen Dr. Zhou, a renown medical doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Licensed Acupuncturist. At one time he worked a Columbia St. Mary's hospital as one of the first acupuncturists and currently has his own practice in Milwaukee and Madison.  In reviewing my medical history with Sherry, I mentioned having gone to Dr. Zhou, only to find out that she was one of the first graduates of his Milwaukee campus school of massage (East West Healing Arts Institute).  Her expertise and dedication reflects the training she received from a highly sought after Dr. Zhou.

I highly recommend Sherry Joseph as I have already benefited from her attentive and knowledgeable healing and therapeutic massages!

-Roberta Nack


Dr. Sherry is very knowledgeable. She customizes each treatment with essential oils, cupping, stones and other unique techniques.  After unsuccessful PT and chiropractic treatments, she was finally able to relieve my neck pain.  She is a true professional and very personable.  We are lucky to have her in our community.